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Selector Forks

Selector forks are used in the gear box of automobiles and help in engaging the gears. The bore of the fork selector is guided into the rail and locked. The pads of the fork fingers engage with the sleeve/ collar, and aid in selection of the gear. When the shifting lever is engaged the required gear is selected .

Bottom Yoke

Bottom Yoke is sometimes referred to as the front fork or triple clamp, The Bottom Yoke is an important link in the front wheel assembly of the motorcycle. It assists in guiding and clamping the telescopic main tubes, and the front wheel assembly , with the frame of the motorcycle. It plays an important role in the handling of the motorcycle.

Sub components & Assemblies

Turned components machined on CNC machines are made out of steel rounds / forgings and castings of odd shapes, amd often involve drilling & boring / turning / facing / threading operations,etc.

Small sub assemblies are used in automobiles, and involve assembling to two or more components. Child parts consist of turned components, machined cast / forged items. Parts may involve welding, plating and other special processes.